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Why is Dippy coming to Dorset?

Dippy always knew that many of the fossil marine reptiles at the Natural History Museum in London came from the Jurassic Coast, the birthplace of palaeontology.  After years listening to how brilliant it is, he has finally decided to take the trip to find out for himself.  There is so much to explore on the Jurassic Coast … 12 weeks might not be enough!

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Tomorrow's Museum for Dorset

Dippy on Tour will be the last temporary exhibition to be hosted by Dorset County Museum before we close certain sections of the galleries for a major refurbishment.  When the Museum reopens in 2020, it will be a world-class contemporary museum and exhibition space, complete with new galleries, a learning centre, collections storage, library and visitor facilities including a café and shop.  The sensitive yet contemporary redevelopment of the current site will transform Dorset County Museum – Making Dorset Proud.

Tomorrow’s Museum for Dorset

Cross-Section Artist Impression of Dorset County Museum Redevelopment Project

Carmody Groarke © 2015