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Roman Town House: Key Stage 2 to 4

The Roman Town House in Dorchester is the only example of a fully exposed Roman Town House in the country. It is free to visit and a range of tours are offered.

Pupils will learn about the excavation and conservation of the Roman Town House as well as life in the Town House during the Roman period.  Pupils will have an opportunity to explore the South Range and will be given a tour of the West Range (INSIDE) where they will see mosaics in situ.


  • The Roman Town House is 10 minutes safe walk from Dorset County Museum.

Length of session: 

  • 1 hour

For more information contact Emma Talbot, Education Officer on 01305 756832 or education@dorsetcountymuseum.org


Roman Town House, Dorchester - The Roman Town House is owned and managed by Dorset County Council, and supported by the Dorchester Joint Heritage Committee and the Heritage Lottery Fund.

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NEWS >>>>> Storm damage may restrict access

A massive storm during the night of 10-11 November 2014 caused the drains around County Hall to overflow into the Roman Town House site. The torrent of water eroded paths, sending silt laden floodwater into the cover structure. Some of the mosaics were submerged and covered with silty debris.

In the following days, experts were brought in to assess the damage. Specialist conservators assessed the damage and started work on detailed proposals for repair and consolidation of the mosaics, in addition to the regular programme of routine conservation.  Unfortunately this means we are unable to gain access inside the Roman Town House however we are currently able to offer a tour of the site.  Work to improve the drainage around County Hall is planned for 2015 and may restrict access further.