> > > Ridgeway Voices

12 May 2011 - 25 June 2011

Celebrating the South Dorset Ridgeway in sound, photography and film.

This exciting multi-media exhibition brings together work from the South Dorset Ridgeway Heritage Project with voices from oral history and audio trails projects, photography from Sue Macpherson ARPS, and short films from the Live IT Love IT Film IT project, involving 14-19 year olds and artist-in-residence Jorn Ebner.

The South Dorset Heritage Project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Natural England is part of the work of the Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This exhibition, curated by Project Officer Sarah Harbige, brings to an end this phase of the project which began in June 2008.

The South Dorset Ridgeway is a unique area of ancient landscape, with possibly more Neolithic and Bronze Age funerary monuments than any where else in the country. Sue Macpherson voices her impressions of this special landscape through a collection of photographs taken during the past year. Her amazing photographs will be available for sale during the exhibition.

Volunteers have been recording some of the more recent past in communities along the Ridge. The recorded voices provide an often humorous insight into life in the area in the 20th Century. Visitors will be able to listen to snippets from these tracks. Younger residents have also been voicing their ideas of today’s landscape through moving image and have created some short films and studies with Jorn Ebner, which will also be screened during the exhibition.