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Rameses II

Statue of the Pharaoh Rameses II. Egypt, c. 1200 BC.

15 October 2011 - 22 January 2012

This autumn the British Museum’s blockbuster exhibition all about the lives of the ancient kings of Egypt will come to Dorset County Museum as part of a national tour.

Pharaoh: King of Egypt presents the splendour and power of the pharaohs, as well as insights into the realities of ruling a complex civilisation: from civil war to organised tomb-robbing, and even times when foreigners sat on the throne of Egypt. The exhibition is the largest UK loan of Egyptian artefacts ever undertaken by the British Museum and includes wonderful examples of sculpture, palace ornamentation, papyri and funerary objects.

Gold plaque showing the Pharaoh Amenemhat IV offering to the god Atum, 1786

Developed by the Great North Museum, the exhibition includes over 130 amazing objects, many of which have never been seen outside of London; from a giant royal tomb guardian from the Valley of the Kings, to the intricate Atum gold plaque (pictured right). Some of the oldest objects are over 3,500 years old. A whole programme of ancient Egyptian themed events, workshops and activities will also be taking place over the autumn and winter. Guided tours occur daily at 2:15pm.

To find out more about the curation of this amazing exhibition, read the curator's blog and see the online catalogue containing details on every object in the exhibition, visit the British Museum's Pharaoh: King of Egypt webpage.

In the first leg of its national tour, Pharaoh: King of Egypt has been on display at the Hancock Museum in Newcastle. Why not read a review from The Guardian about Pharaoh: King of Egypt at the Hancock? Or discover what journalists from The Express  learnt about the techniques needed to safely transport these priceless objects around the country.

The BBC History Magazine website has a slideshow of some of the artefacts included in Pharaoh: King of Egypt click here to see it.

Pharaoh: King of Egypt at Dorset County Museum was curated and designed by Great North Museum: Hancock in partnership with the British Museum and has been proudly sponsored by:

Humphries Kirk LLP
Acheson Construction
Maidman's Removals
Duke's Fine Art Auctioneers
GW Electrical

And was staged with help from National Museums Liverpool

We at Dorset County Museum thank all our supporters for their generosity, without which it would not have been possible to host this world class exhibition in Dorchester.