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Landscape and Identity: an exhibition by Phyllis Wolff

Dorset County Museum is delighted to welcome back Dorset artist Phyllis Wolff in November of this year. Phyllis has exhibited at the Museum before and the new exhibition promises to be her most exciting to date.

Landscape and Identity will contain about 80 paintings based around the concept of the identity which Dorset’s rural landscape establishes within the artist and the connection this makes with the work itself. 

“Phyllis’ paintings are incredibly vibrant - full of life and colour - and represent the best of contemporary artists working in Dorset today,” said Jon Murden, Director of Dorset County Museum. “We look forward to seeing her work back in the Museum and are sure this exhibition will be as successful as the last one.” 

Phyllis Wolff has lived and painted in north Dorset for nearly 40 years. She moved there soon after graduating from St Martins' School of Art in the 1970s to be closer to the landscape which she wanted to paint. That is precisely what she has done, more or less consistently, since that time. 

Phyllis has been described as a 21st Century impressionist - her Dorset garden is a rich source of inspiration to her. She paints with spontaneity and immediacy, diving into her work and suffusing it with life and colour, making it all look very easy. The use of abstracted brushstrokes and painterly marks all help to create her very distinctive and beautiful paintings.

Fay Weldon who also has a strong sense of belonging to the Dorset landscape and community has this to add:

Truth, Beauty, and the Artist

The true artist goes on pursuing truth and beauty while never quite managing to find it - which is why he or she goes on painting.  With the depth of her layered strong colours and insight into shape and form, Phyllis Wolff gets nearer to the hidden truth than most.   If she never moves far from the landscape, the flowers and fruits, trees and hills she knows so well, it’s because she sees truth and beauty here now, and all around.

"Beauty is truth, truth beauty” - that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know. - John Keats 1820

                                                                       Fay Weldon, Dorset October 2014.

Accompanying the exhibition will be a selection of greetings cards and a booklet on sale in the Museum shop. Entry to the exhibition is FREE

More about the Phyllis and her work can be found via her website at www.phylliswolff.co.uk