> > > Iron-Age and Roman Dorset

Iron-Age and Roman Dorset: Key Stage 1 and 2

Pupils will learn about Iron-Age and Roman Dorset and will compare and contrast life in Dorset before and after the arrival of the Romans.  They will have an opportunity to handle and examine a range of Iron-Age and Roman artefacts and compare Iron-Age and Roman life and death.

Carousel of 3 activities:

  • Tour of the Dorset County Museum Archaeology Gallery
  • Handle and examine a range of real Iron-Age and Roman artefacts
  • Piece together skeletons (not real ones) and learn about the different burial practices OR investigate the iconic Dorset County Museum mosaic floors


  • Dorset County Museum Archaeology Gallery, Victorian Gallery and Learning Base

Length of session: 

  • 2 hours

For more information contact Emma Talbot, Education Officer on 01305 756832 or education@dorsetcountymuseum.org