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Dorset County Museum is owned by the members of the Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society. The members elect a Board of twelve Trustees who are responsible for the overall strategy of the Society and the management of its Museum.

Find our more about the current members of our Board of Trustees.

The pattern of governance for the Society and its Museum is set out in our Articles Of Association, which were last revised in September 2014. In addition there is a set of Regulations which covers operational and more routine matters within the governanance of management of the Society and its Museum. The Board has also developed a range of Policy Documents to guide the running of the Society and its Museum and produces an Annual Report each year which gives an overview of the health of the Society in line with the regulations set our by the Charities Commission and Companies House.

The Board of Trustees is empowered to employ staff to run the Society and operate the Museum on a day-to-day basis on its behalf. The work of its small but dedicated staff is supplemented by support from around 150 volunteers, who together contribute over 17,000 hours to the Museum every year.

The Board of Trustees also has a number of Sub-Committees and Working Groups made up of trustees, staff, Society members and co-opted volunteers who together carry out a number of important functions in the life of the Museum - such as selecting exhibitions, advising on financial matters or producing the Society's publications. All of these groups operate according to agreed terms of reference.