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High West Street in Dorchester, 1896

Research into local history and archaeology

The main objective of the Dorchester Association is to advance public interest in Local History & Archaeology within the general area of Dorchester and its surroundings. The town and its environs have history that predates the Romans and there are many buildings and monuments of interest. Much of the Roman town has yet to be excavated but there is a lot to see and we try to link it all with the way in which the outside world has impinged upon us.

The Dorchester Association arose from a feeling that the general public should play a greater part in the work of the Dorset County Museum and the thought that, whilst archaeology was reasonably provided for in the area, Dorchester's rich historical background was being neglected. 50 or 60 people attended the first meeting on 22nd October 1982, which was held with the co-operation of the DNHAS and had substantial input from DNHAS stalwarts including Ron Lucas and Norman Field.

The Association now has about 100 members, has maintained its core activities and seeks to obtain the best and most interesting speakers. Lectures are held on eight Friday evenings, September to May, usually in the Victorian Hall of the County Museum, Dorchester. The Museum doors are open from 7.00pm for refreshments and socialising, followed by a talk starting at 7.30pm and finishing at about 9.00pm. Field trips to digs, houses, museums and other places of interest to the Association are also organised.

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